1. Do you have an excel price list?
We do have an excel price list that we update once a month, you can download it from our google drive on the home page.
2. Do you have a MOQ or Minimum Order Quantity?
Each item has a different MOQ. Depending on the case pack of the items. Most items are packed 48 or 72 pieces to each case. We like to sell by the case, and do not like to break case packs.
3. Do you have any requirements regarding minimum order quantities or Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?
We do not enforce any MAP Pricing.
4. Are you able to Dropship items for us?
Sorry, We currently do not offer any dropshipping service.
5. Do you offer direct shipping to Amazon warehouses?
Yes we do offer direct shipping to Amazon Warehouses - When you add items to your cart and checkout, use the PICKUP option - that will take the shipping costs off, then checkout with a credit card or Paypal. Then we will email you the weights and dimensions of the boxes, and you email us back the amazon FBA labels.
6. Do you offer Amazon prep services?
Yes, we charge 10 cents per item for amazon labelling, and 25 cents per item if you need the items poly-bagged and labelled. Anything fragile or liquid we recommend the items being poly-bagged or bubble wrapped and labelled.
7. Payment Methods: What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
8. Do you offer free shipping, and what are your shipping terms?
We do not offer free shipping, only if you send us your own shipping labels.
9. Could you provide an estimate of shipping costs?
When you add items to your cart and checkout with your address, it will calculate shipping costs for you.
10. How can we qualify for tax exemption when making purchases?
Send us an email with your Reseller Certificate or TAX ID, and we will file it on your account as tax exempt. cosmetixclub@gmail.com.
11. Do you provide an authorization invoice for Amazon sellers?
Yes we offer pre-invoices to try and get you ungated in certain brands for Amazon resale. Email us the items you are interested in purchasing from our website that you need to get ungated for. Then send me your address, phone number, and email address that is on your amazon account. We will send you an invoice to try and get ungated for that brand or item, if you get ungated you can place the order. If you do not get ungated then we can explore other options.